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The rationale behind the EUCOMOR programme is the increase that is seen in the use of non-invasive and molecular imaging techniques, molecular biology, in vitro assays and the steady state in the use of laboratory animals.

This Master programme results in a graduate who is able to analyse and answer scientific questions related to the scientific domain of comparative morphology in an efficient and independent manner using the appropriate techniques. As a result the graduate can fulfil an advisory, scientific and teaching role within animal morphology and biomedical research.

To this purpose, the programme runs over a two-year period (120 ECTS credits) and is taught in English. Each year is divided in two semesters of 30 ECTS credits each. In a semester the courses are offered in a package (cluster). Students cannot make combinations between courses from different clusters. The programme comprises 60 ECTS credits compulsory courses, 30 ECTS credits elective courses focusing on imaging techniques or in vitro assays, and 30 ECTS credits for the Master thesis.

The student needs to engage himself in student mobility and spend at least 2 semesters in different partner institutes. This trains his collaborative, multicultural and linguistic skills.

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