Master thesis

During the Master thesis period, students work in a team of 3 to 5 students under the coordination of one institution. Each of the students is responsible for a subtopic covering a different discipline within the field of comparative vertebrate morphology.

During the Master thesis, students need to bring all the knowledge and technical skills into practice, need to get acquainted with current developments in the various disciplines of comparative morphology and acquire the necessary skills for functioning as a researcher or advisor in a professional context.

Because they work in a team and because the students approach one scientific question from different angles, students need to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired during the compulsory and elective courses. Since the students have chosen different elective courses, the dissertation will offer them the possibility to exchange knowledge and skills of the different elective courses.

Students Master thesis topics (2015-2017)

Yi Ling Tan: Evaluation of TGFβ Effects on Canine Osteosarcoma Spheroid Cell Cultures

Supervisor: Prof Ingrid Walter - Vienna

Melvin Bagot: Adhesion molecules in breast cancer cell spheroids

Supervisor: Prof Monika Egerbacher - Vienna

Eyob Gelan Molla: Optimizing differentation protocols of adipose tissue derived canine mesenchymal stem cells

Supervisor: Prof Stefan Arnhold - Giessen

Chu Thi Minh Phuong: Optimizing differentation protocols of ovine mesenchymal cells

Supervisor: Prof Stefan Arnhold - Giessen

Ao-Mei Lee: Presence, distribution and steroidogenic effects of the orexinergic complex in the testis of the South American Camelid: Alpaca (Vicugna pacos)

Supervisor: Prof Nicola Mirabella – Naples                             Best presentation of cohort

Lucia Gonzales Alvarez: Expression of aquaporins in the testis of both the normal and the cryptorchid dog.

Supervisor: Prof Nicola Mirabella - Naples

Real Datta: The influence of birth weight on the muscle fiber types in the pigs

Supervisor: Prof Van Ginneken - Antwerp

Sisay Worku Expression and Localization of P-Glycoprotein and CYP3A in Porcine Placenta throughout gestation including CYP3A Activity

Supervisor: Prof Steven Van Cruchten - Antwerp


Melkamu Bezie Tessema: Hepatic CYP3A expression and activity in preterm and term piglets

Supervisor: Prof Steven Van Cruchten – Antwerp             Best master thesis of cohort


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