E-learning platform

EUCOMOR students and their teachers can login to a Blackboard application that offers them an ‘electronic learning environment’ for their courses.

The following functions are available for students:

  • viewing e-lectures;
  • downloading course material and assignments;
  • consulting course information, course contents and course objectives;
  • reading messages sent by teachers;
  • consulting timetables;
  • sending personal messages and questions to teachers;
  • participating in group discussions with fellow students (the 'Forum' function);
  • upload documents.

Teachers can:

  • upload e-lectures;
  • upload course material and assignments;
  • send messages to students, groupwise or on an individual basis;
  • communicate changes in the timetable;
  • initiate 'Forum' discussions;
  • give personalised feedback to students;
  • etc.

Students are advised to have the following software installed on their computers: a sufficiently up-to-date version of an internet browser, JAVA in a version 6.0 or higher, an up-to-date Acrobat Reader version (at least version 9) and Flash Player (version 10, at least).

Click here to start Blackboard application.

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