Added Value

The European Master of Comparative Vertebrate Morphology trains competences (combination of knowledge, skills and attitude) related to:

  • structure and development of vertebrates
  • morphological techniques
  • vertebrate morphology
  • animal and in vitro models

The working field appreciates the competences of such a Master of Comparative Vertebrate Morphology for ensuring further progress in biomedical experimental animal research, imaging and education.

The added values of the European Master of Comparative Vertebrate Morphology are:

  • students get training in an academic environment with the teaching staff being active in the key research domains of the research institutes and centres of excellence;
  • students can practice their skills using innovative laboratory equipment;
  • the five participating institutes combine the critical mass of expertise essential to educate students in all the subdomains and technical skills, not to be found at one single institute;
  • several associated partners from academia and non-associated industrial settings contribute to the Master programme with state-of-the-art and cutting-edge lectures;
  • the involvement of invited scholars ensures a scientific based curriculum in all fields related to comparative morphology;
  • students become fluent in oral and written English;
  • students gain he ability to work in a multicultural environment;
  • students are capable of adapting easily to different teaching methods and self-directed learning and gain versatility in knowledge acquisition through the use of different resources.
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